Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Station


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KSNL Aero –  FAA Certified Repair Station location in Shawnee, OK at the Shawnee Regional Airport.

  • Aircraft Inspection and repair specializing in Turbo Prop and Turbine corporate aircraft.   
  • 100 Hour / Annual and Phase Inspections. 
  • All Employees licensed and Drug tested meeting the requirements for 14 CFR part 145 maintenance. 
  • PT6 hot section inspections, vibration analysis, MORE Program Requirements, Fuel Nozzle Cleaning and Overhaul, PT6 component overhaul, and maintenance. 
  • Skilled Technicians with state of the art equipment ready to maintain your Turbo Prop or Turbine aircraft. 
  • New 29,000 sq ft hangar, over 3 million USD in Aviation Parts in stock.

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