KSNL Aero Featured in Shawnee Forward “Keep It Local” Spotlight Feature

KSNL Aero is very proud to be featured by the Shawnee Forward Business Alliance spotlighting the construction of our facility. This post really outlines the efforts we undertook to source from local vendors and partners when building our business here in Shawnee at the Shawnee Regional Airport. Read the full article at https://shawneeforward.com/2020/08/28/ksnl-aero-kept-it-local-while-building-their-business/.


KSNL Aero Joins Shawnee Forward

We are very excited to join the Shawnee Forward Business Alliance and to contribute to the economic development work that is taking place. Please visit https://shawneeforward.com/2020/08/25/ksnl-aero-joins-shawnee-forward-as-a-chairmans-club-member/ to read more about our partnership.